8Bitdo NES30 Bluetooth GamePad Manual

Thank you to buy NES30 GamePad, It’s the best for fighting, shooting, action and emulator games.NES30 has Multi-mode, it supports PC, Smart phone, Pad, Notebook, Android, iOS, Windows. All popular systems and devices support.
Mode1 Mode2 Mode3 Mode4 Mode5
  Joystick Bluetooth Keyboard iCade Emu-Touch Screen USB Joystick
Power ON (Hold down key for 3 seconds) START START+B START+A START+X Auto connection
Blue LED 1 times per second 2 times per second 3 times per second 4 times per second Can be ignored
Support system Windows, Android Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS Android, iOS Android Windows
memo PC can use Bluetooth Adapter. Exclusive support FOUR players Input method should be English. Need ROOT Also charge NES30 battery.

Firmware upgradable for function expansion in the future.

Expansion Mode Bluetooth Keyboard(2P) Wiimote Mode Development...
Power ON (Hold down key for 3 seconds) START+B+R START+Y ???
Blue LED 2 times per second 1 times per second ???
Support system Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS Nintendo Wii ???
Memo Multiplayer on iOS with Dual keyboard code system. wiimote Exclusive support FOUR players ???

The most common situations:

1. For Android devices, use Mode 1.
2. For iOS devices, use Mode 2 or 3.
3. For games that only support touchscreen controls, use Mode 4.

To turn Power OFF: Hold down START button for 3 seconds.
To activate the conditions below, you will need to clear the pair information on the NES30.
Press SELECT button for more than 3 seconds to clear pair information. When both LED lights blink once
you are able to connect other devices to the NES30 again.

1. Connect the NES30 GamePad to another device.
2. Change between Mode 1, 2 or 3.
3. Request password (to pair), if not “0000”.
Note: Make sure the battery of the NES30 GamePad is not empty. Otherwise use the USB-cable to charge the device.

For two players: iOS/Mac OSX/Android/PC

Player 1 press START + B to power on the NES30 GamePad. (LED light will blink twice.)
Player 2 press START + B + R to power on the NES30 GamePad. (LED light will blink once, for a longer period of time.)
Both NES30 GamePads will provide a different key code password to work with Bluetooth. The mapping of the keys can be done in game.

Multiplayer mode(s):

Android/Windows: Connect the NES30 GamePad with the USB-cable or Bluetooth. Multiplayer support depends on the game itself.

Mode 1, 2 and 3

Manual in Detail:
(Note: Make sure the battery of the NES30 GamePad is not empty. Otherwise use the USB-cable to charge the device.)
Establishing Bluetooth connection with Mode 1, 2 or 3 activated: Follow instructions on page Fast Startup Figure, to turn on the NES30 GamePad in mode 1, 2 or 3.

1. Scan for Bluetooth devices on your Android/iOS device.
2. Select “8Bitdo NES30 GamePad” in the list of available devices.
3. Map the keys in the app or emulator you will be playing.

Mode4 Emu-Touchschreen mode

Note: Android needs ROOT
1. Download the official NES30 GamePad APP/APK from the official site at www.8Bitdo.com.
2. Follow the instructions on page Fast Startup Figure, to turn on the NES30 GamePad in mode 4.
3. Run the NES30 GamePad app and scan for Bluetooth devices. When detected tap “8Bitdo NES30 GamePad” to pair.
4. If asked for pairing code (password), enter “0000”.
5. In Emu-Touchscreen mode, press SELECT+START to activate NES30 GamePad app.
6. Finally, drag and drop buttons in order to map the keys to your satisfaction. Press SELECT+START to finish set-up.

1. Android: After using Mode 4 and you wish to use Mode 1, 2 or 3, you will need to clear pairing information at system Bluetooth first and then scan, pair again.
Tip: Double tap DPad or use two fingers can zoom it to fit games.

Mode5 Windows USB Cable Mode

1. Use the enclosed USB-cable to connect the NES30 GamePad to your PC. Your PC will immediately recognize the device.
2. You will be able to map the keys, in the game options of the game you are playing.
Note: When connecting the NES30 GamePad to your PC the battery will also charge.

Wiimote Mode

1. When running a game, press the ‘HOME’ button on the Wiimote to access settings.
2. Press START+Y to power ON the NES30 GamePad
3. To connect the NES30 GamePad with your Wii console: Press the red button (wireless) next to the SD slot on your Wii console for a few seconds. The player 1 or 2 battery icon will turn to gray. This means you’ll be able to connect the NES30 GamePad to your Wii console.
Note: If you wish to connect your NES30 GamePad in ‘player one mode’, you will have to take the battery out of the original Wiimote.

Redefine Wiimote mode button mapping, NES30 GamePad - Wiimote
Wiimote Direction keys B One A Two Leftist Rightist Shaking Minus Plus
NES30 Direction keys X Y A B L R L+R SELECT START

Upgrade firmware via PC or Mac

1. Press START+L+R on the NES30 GamePad. Green + Blue LED lights will be blinking.
2. Use the enclosed USB-cable to connect the NES30 GamePad to your PC.
3. Download the NES30 GamePad upgrade software from the www.8Bitdo.com website and run the 8Bitdo_update.exe file in Windows folder(for WIN user), or in MacOS folder (for MacOS user).
4. Select the Bluetooth_firmware.dat firmware file and run the update.

LED Light(s) status

1. Blue light flashing: Bluetooth disconnected.
2. Solid Blue light: Bluetooth connected..
3. Green light flashing: Battery charging..
4. Green light off: Charging completed..
5. Solid Red light: Battery low..
6. No LED lights active: Power off or Sleep mode..

To restore the NES30 GamePad to factory settings hold down the START button for 8 seconds.

The firmware of the NES30 GamePad can be upgraded and functions may be changed or added. The final notices and features can be checked on the official website.
Disclosure: Second English version of manual revised by Joshy Scheers, Chief Editor of 3rd-strike.com.
Future versions, may or may not be revised by other translators and thus this data may or may not be accurate.