• Same NES Touch, Same NES Feeling
  • Support IOS, Android and Mac Windows.
  • Best for Touch Screen Devices.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Programmable Keys.
  • nes30

    Dual-Mode Support:

    Bluetooth keyboard and touch screen simulation.

    Touch screen simulation:

  • Pure touch screen games? No problem.
  • NES30 touch screen simulation mode can deal with it ease.
  • Just drag and drop to map the key. Best for touch screen fighting game.
  • Compatible with iOS(iCade), Android and Mac OSX , Windows devices

  • Exclusive Xtander design

  • stand up your touch screen device and play with ease.
  • NES style, best fit with NES30 GamePad, I will become a X Mech Warrior.
  • 45 degree, 60 degree, 9mm, 11mm width, it will be very comfortable to stand up your touch devices to play with.

    NES 30th Anniversary GamePad Edition

  • retro design, same touch, same feeling.
  • original pushing button feeling
  • designed by professional company.
  • NES30 was born for games
  • Multiplayer on iOS with Dual keyboard code system.

  • NES30 GamePad Bluetooth, exclusive provide dual keyboard code
  • that two NES30 can connect to one iOS device support multiplayer.
  • More players, double funny.
  • Double players support find out the

    happy memory of your childhood.

  • You are not alone, just play with your best old friend.
  • ipad air
  • nes30 gamepad